I just wanted to let you know that I am glad you got the fan installed before the first hot days of the season.  I noticed immediately a difference in the upstairs temp.  And, most of all I noticed my air conditioner did not kick on as early in the day or go as late into the evening.  Thanks and I do believe this will be worth every penny spent!!

Stefanie A

I'm very pleased with my two solar attic fans and highly encourage installing these fans on every home by this company. They are fast and efficient. Gem State Solar installed a fan on my home roof and one on my garden shed roof. The 20 watt fan installed on my home is now saving my roof from further damage from heat, because when my home was originally built in 2003, the builder did not install enough ventilation to compensate for our hot summers, thus shorting the life of my roof.  These fans will keep moisture and mold out of my attics in the winter as well.  My 2nd floor stays much cooler now as well.  I also was able to adjust my air-conditioners temperature down because my home is cooler with all the hot air being vented out, thus saving me more money! Installing the small 10-watt fan on my garden shed roof has cooled off my shed to where I can work inside during the hot summer without it feeling like a sauna! The fact that both the fans run on solar power alone is a big plus! I love solar power so much I'm having these guys install solar water & power to my south facing roof as well.

Thank you, Mike! Job well done.

Victoria Ruggiero-Diaz

Kevin and I are extremely pleased with our Solar Attic Fan, which you installed last year. During the summer we were especially impressed by how quiet its' operation was. Furthermore, we know how efficiently it worked during the hot summer months, for our home interior did not have the "heated air" smell from the attic, and our interior comfort was never an issue. We truly feel that our Air Conditioner was on less due to the efficiency of the Solar Attic Fan. From talking with home inspectors we know that Attic spaces can easily reach temperatures of well over 125+ degrees, which naturally heats your interior. So we have been very pleased Michael with your product and your installation.

Kevin and Bonnie O

Thank you Michael from Gem State Solar for coming out this morning and installing our Solar Attic Fan!! Glad that we're using the sun to power the fan that will cool our attic and keep A/C from running quite as much and house from being so hot. You ROCK!!!

Liz A

My wife and I recently moved into our new home and noticed that we needed to turn on the lights when using several rooms that did not have an outside window. We attended a home show and spoke with a representative from Gem State Solar regarding the amount and quality of light these solar tubes provided as well as cost, installation, timing, etc. We decided to move ahead and had 3 of these units installed. We are truly amazed at the amount of natural light that these provide - and so much so that we had a fourth one installed a couple of days later. There is so much light flooding these rooms that I find myself trying to turn the light switch off when it's not even on!

We were also very impressed with the quality of the service as well as the professionalism and friendliness of the service technicians.

We would recommend Gem State Solar to anyone who is contemplating a natural light solution to any darkened areas within their homes.

Ron & Cheryl Tanneberg

I had been researching getting an attic fan at my house and when I saw that Gem State Solar sells and installs solar ones I decided to go for it and I am really glad I did. I can’t wait for next summer to see how much cooler our house is! Your guys did a great job, with no mess and no fuss and it looks really cool on the roof line too, thanks.


I love our light tubes, they have made such a difference in our house! Our hallway was so dark before and now we can see. I am so glad I got the added light fixture in one of the tubes as well so we have more light at night. Your crew was so clean and nice, I thought there would be a ton of clean-up after the install but there was nothing, and it was so easy!


We are so pleased with our two solar tubes that we want another installed in our bathroom! The natural light is fabulous and Michael was a pleasure to work with. He installed one in 90 minutes, there was no mess and the tubes have worked flawlessly! We are so happy with Gem State Solars work!

Chris and Laura A, Boise, Idaho

I have two light tubes and an attic fan and love them all. The light tubes are in the kitchen and bathroom. It is wonderful to have the natural light come through and really brighten up those rooms. The attic fan has allowed me not to run the AC as much as well as keeping the attic at a consistent temperature for storing some of our gear. In the past we have lost our Christmas candles because the attic has been so hot with the attic fan the attic stays cool enough to store our Christmas candles in the attic again.

Sharon B

We have had Michael at Gem State Solar install three pieces for us: A solar-powered, outdoor fan on our pergola, a solar vent fan in our garage, and an attic vent fan in our house. The outdoor fan is a nice addition on a hot summer day; because of the location of the solar panel, even when the pergola is in shade the fan continues to cool us. With the addition of the garage vent, temperatures in the attic of the garage went down probably 20 degrees this summer, which should lengthen the life of the roof, and will certainly lengthen the life of items stored there. The best result was with the addition of the attic vent fan in the house. The AC use dropped probably 30% right away. We figure the savings in electricity from the AC alone will pay for the vent fan in less than two years. The quality of the workmanship is superb, and Michael is ready to stand behind anything he installs. We give him four thumbs up!!

Stan Hall & Betsy Olberding

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