Solar Power

What is solar power?

Portable Solar Power

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity using solar cells, also known as photovoltaics (PV). PV panels are made of semiconducting material—often silicon—fit between two electrical contacts. When sunlight comes into contact with the panel, it displaces electron particles from the semiconductor. Because the semiconductor is positively charged on one side and negatively charged on the other side, these displaced electrons all travel in the same direction. This creates an electrical current that can then be inverted from DC to AC power and stored or put to use. Unlike the energy sourced from coal, oil, and gas, this relatively inexpensive source of electrical energy is inexhaustible and non-polluting.

How does portable solar power work?

Technological advances in the design and construction of photovoltaics have delivered a new class of PV panels ideal for emergency power generation, travel, and outdoor applications. These panels work just like traditional solar cells—capturing sunlight and converting it into an electrical current—but they are uniquely lightweight and flexible. Portable solar power represents a new realm of freedom, bringing clean energy wherever you need it.

Portable solar gives you the power to go anywhere.

Our portable solar charging systems are perfect for RVs, boats, outdoor adventures, and power outages. Portable solar:

  • goes anywhere that you do;
  • generates clean energy and requires no fuel;
  • offers incredible longevity;
  • requires little to no maintenance;
  • is less expensive than hardwired systems for travel trailers.

Gem State Solar carries a wide variety of portable solar charging systems and inverters to make sure you’re never out of power. Feel free to contact us if you need help determining the right system for your portable energy needs.