Solar Light Tubes

What is a solar light tube?


Solar light tubes are known by many names: tubular skylights, light pipes, solar tubes, sun tunnels, and tube lights. At the most basic level, these daylighting devices are pipes that funnel sunlight indoors. Unlike traditional windows, skylights, or electric lights, solar light tubes do not contribute to heat loss or gain. Tubular skylights illuminate your home with pure, natural full-spectrum light without consuming electricity. Our models fit all roofs types and slopes. Installation requires no wiring or structural changes.

How does a solar light tube work?

The high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof. This sunlight travels through an extremely reflective, mirror-like tube that amplifies it before passing through our exclusive Energy Conservation Kit. The kit incorporates thin, clear polycarbonate lenses that improve the U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. The attractive ceiling light fixture is designed to evenly spread the captured sunlight into your home. It has an arced prismatic surface that bounces the light in all directions eliminating the “hot spot” effect of traditional skylights.

Our solar light tube is able to harness sunlight even when the sun's position is low, as in the early morning and late afternoon, and is designed to filter out harmful UV rays that might otherwise endanger your health.

Solar light tubes are the natural choice for superior illumination.

Tubular skylights are more effective and more efficient than conventional lighting. A solar light tube:

  • illuminates a space without consuming electricity, reducing your utility bills;
  • outperforms conventional lighting systems—just one 10” solar tube light can illuminate 150 square feet of space—it would take more than eight 60W incandescent bulbs to do the same;
  • provides full-spectrum sunlight that has been proven to support physiological health and wellness;
  • requires no maintenance, having been expertly engineered to withstand extreme weather and the test of time;
  • blends in with your roofline for maximum curb appeal;
  • may qualify for local tax credits as an energy conservation device.

Gem State Solar offers the full line of Natural Light tubular skylights and accessories. Our technicians are ready to help you decide which models and features are the best fit for your construction or renovation project. Contact us for more details.