LED Lighting


What are LEDs?

LEDs, or light–emitting diodes, are an exceptionally bright, energy-efficient source of light. When designed well, LED lighting can be more efficient, versatile, and long-lasting than incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

How do LEDs work?

LEDs are a type of Solid State Lighting (SSL) that produce visible light when electricity passes through a semiconductor. Unlike incandescent and CFLs that give off light and heat in every direction, LEDs emit light in one direction, increasing energy efficiency. The heat produced by an LED is collected and dispersed by a heat sink, prolonging the life of the LED and reducing the overall heat load of the space in which it is installed.

LED lighting provides a path to a brighter future.

The energy-efficiency and performance of LEDs are unparalleled by any other type of electric lighting. LED lights:

  • do not contain any toxic mercury or lead;
  • emit no radiation or damaging UV rays;
  • are extremely durable and will not shatter if dropped;
  • reduce your energy bills by using up to 90% less energy than incandescent and 75% less energy than CFLs;
  • shine for years, 40x longer than incandescent bulbs and 5x longer than CFLs.

Did you know…

If 25% of fluorescent lighting fixtures in the U.S. were replaced with Advanced LEDs, we could:

  • save 15 billion in electricity costs annually;
  • decommission 133 coal burning power plants;
  • reduce carbon emissions by 158 metric tons and avoid releasing 5,700 pounds of airborne mercury.

Gem State Solar knows that all LEDs are not created equal. We source our LED lights from the top manufacturers in each lighting category to ensure that they perform to the highest industry standards.