It's a Long Winter, but There's a Light Tunnel at the End

Tubular Skylight on RoofA Light Tunnel, or tubular skylight, is a great way to harness the limited daylight available during the winter months! Solar tubes are able to bring daylight into the home with minimal architectural impact. Tubes can be installed in your home in as little as 2 hours while providing a domed, sealed skylight in any room. Domes are solid fixtures, sealed to prevent weather, insects, or condensation from causing later difficulties in your home environment. Because of the shape of light tunnels, soft, natural light can be reflected in your home decreasing the need for artificial lights and dependence on electricity. Solar tubes are a variety of sizes, allowing you to best select the amount of light and fixture to match your home's needs.

Contact us to consider incorporating natural light into your home in the Boise area. Light Tunnels are backed by a 25-year warranty on the tubular light itself and a 5-year warranty on installation. Light Tunnels are appropriate for both home and business environments and dimmers can also be installed. This provides a truly flexible, natural light fixture in any space. If natural light needs to be decreased in a conference room during a presentation, for example, the dimmer can be engaged using the included remote control. The same feature can be helpful in bedrooms or a home theater, as well. Consider adding natural light elements to your home this winter, with considerable green gains, decreased electric needs, and sealed Light Tunnels to decrease heat loss through window panes in your home.